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"Push past limits to a life of passion, balance, and purpose."

At Center Stage Athletics (CSA) we believe that LIFE IS A SPORT, and to be successful, you should consider yourself a Life Athlete. Whether or not you consider yourself an athlete (in the physical sense), learning and utilizing the techniques that many of the world’s most successful athletes incorporate into their lives will enable you to achieve your goals and more successfully overcome barriers in all areas of your life.

Life Athlete Course (Coming Soon)

This online course is ideal for the athlete just beginning their health and fitness journey.

Life Athlete Course (LAC) is designed for those who want to train to be a “Life Athlete;” a new or improved level of mental and physical health and fitness. This program delivers coaching to meet the client’s goals (mental strategies, physical fitness, improved heath, etc.), with an acute focus on education on the mind, body, spirit fundamentals for physical and mental fitness to provide a long-term lifestyle change.
Clients participating in the Life Athlete Course will receive the following:

  • Foundational concepts for healthful nutrition
  • Foundational concepts for physical fitness
  • Individual nutrition and cardio programming, strength training guidance
  • Mental strategies for successful lifestyle changes and goal achievement
  • A training and teaching environment, designed to change your mind and body
  • Weekly check-ins via online check in/email
  • Unlimited access to coach via email for questions
  • Access to Team CSFP private Facebook group
  • Priority access to seminars, classes and events throughout the year

Ready to become a Life Athlete?

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Life Athlete Women's Retreat

Retreat Accomodations_160144

Relaxing Setting


Located in a quiet and secluded area of Lake Ana (Mineral, VA), our retreat location is ideal for a mental and physical refresh.

Retreat General_095637

Mental Strategies

Open Discussions and Coaching

Join other like-minded women in group discussions and mental strategy coaching.

Retreat Meal Prep_130107

Healthful Nutrition

Meal Prep and Nutrition Lessons

Learn about how food can either help or harm your efforts to becoming your best self. Participate in meal prep for a family style dinner.

Retreat Yoga_073926


Sunrise Yoga and Bootcamp

Slow it down for sunrise yoga or get your sweat on with a group workout.

- Retreat Group Shot

Find Your Tribe

Supportive and Uplifting Environment

It takes a village they say. Find your tribe for life with these like-minded women as we share our struggles and triumphs and cheer each other on.

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