Center Stage Athletics

Our Approach

Our Philosophy

At Center Stage Athletics and Team CSFP we are dedicated to coaching the "whole athlete," with a holistic approach to competition prep and general health and fitness, which includes coaching for the mind, body and spirit. We believe in putting our clients first, always. We never incorporate cookie cutter or dangerous practices. Our client programs are highly customized to the individual. No two clients are alike; therefore no two programs are alike.

We have a very strong commitment to coaching using healthful nutrition, positive mindset, lifestyle balance and providing an encouraging and uplifting environment for our clients. We have a personal, vested interest in every unique individual we work with. Our coaching commitment is to meet you where YOU are in your journey, whether competition prep or general lifestyle health and fitness, and then provide you with the tools and guidance help you achieve your best self. We'll take the journey together; it's a team effort requiring equal commitment from both coach and client. Remember, the journey is the destination and we'll travel the road together.

Our Story

Meet the Coaches

With over 20+ years experience in the sport of physique competition as well as general health and fitness; we know a little something  because we've lived and breathed every aspect ourselves. We've helped 100's of women change their lives through the power of discipline, commitment, and a positive and uplifting environment.

In the sport of physique competition, we've been athletes, coaches, promoters and judges for many different federations, and in all divisions. We know a little something about the sport, because we've seen and experienced it from every aspect.

Tina Peratino

Owner, Competition Prep and Posing Coach

Brandi Adams

Prep JumpStart and Life Athlete Coach

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