Check out what some of the women who have attended our

Life Athlete retreat have to say about their experience.

"I am so glad I made the decision to attend the 2020 Retreat. I'm not sure where to begin......I had the opportunity to carpool with an amazing athlete.  It was nice to connect, share stories and realize how much we have in common.  She inspires me more than she knows.  Thanks, friend.The house is absolutely gorgeous and was perfect for all of us. From the inside, with adequate space to be together and also plenty of room to "get away". The outside was equally gorgeous, with the landscape, lake and overall beauty.The only thing that could have been better would have been the opportunity to get outside more, but March can be a strange month. You just never know what the weather will be. To  the women who I was able to spend the weekend with. You have each given me "golden nuggets" of life and they are as precious as each of you.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and strength. 

Tina and Brandi,  I can't think of a thing I would change.  The pre work, games, workshops, movie night, cooking, yoga, makeup and spirituality. Oh, and the live podcast! What a great time. Thank you Chris, Raima, and Cara for taking care of our bodies, beauty and souls.

My take away.  I'm learning to be me, and that I have a lot to learn and a lot to offer. My journey is never really done and I aspire to be better today than I was yesterday."

"An amazing weekend of personal growth, beyond anything I could have anticipated."

"Gosh, I feel like I'd pay for a week-long adventure with what I was starting to learn. It takes extra effort for me to form positive habits, and over the years I realize that being away from home helps me create positive habits more quickly."

"Thank you for the opportunity to grow strong in body, mind and spirit. I met so many amazing people who have impacted and inspired me. I have come away with a strong sense of self and will continue to live by my core values and focus on my 'why'. I know that I am exactly who I am meant to be."

"I learned other people have the some of the same struggles and how to get passed them. There is a great support system. Learned how to and my core values and my keep finding my Why."

"I learned more about myself, learn new techniques to help me meet my goals, and learn from other fierce women who are pursuing their fitness goals! It’s comforting to know I’m not alone. Now I have a group of women who are encouraging me, holding me accountable, and walking this journey alongside me!"

"I thought the retreat weekend was amazing. It really helped to open the mind to knowledge and perspective that wasn't there before. I really enjoyed learning that there were other like-minded women struggling with the same issues I was. It was incredibly beneficial to hear how they were making progress and able to push through those challenges. The food selection was truly tasty. I ate things I would have never ordered from a restaurant and loved them! The nutrition discussions were wonderful. I did yoga for the first time and adored it! I loved how the entire weekend focused around the mind-body connection. The discussions we had proved that what we think about ourselves has a bigger impact on our lives than what we think. I personally gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience from this retreat. I was able to connect with strong, powerful women who want to build each other up. I would highly recommend this type of retreat to any woman who is looking for change, feeling stuck, or simply wants to challenge herself."

"A true testament to the impact of this course is in the holistic impact it has had on lives by working through the roadblocks that are keeping clients from being able to fully implement their training and nutrition goals.  One of our best success cases was a long term client who had struggled for many years to make the headway she wanted.  In a life changing turn from this weekend she realized that she needed to repair some other areas in life first, and is now changing her whole life through her work with a therapist and physical therapist...and of course from this the body changes easily follow."

"I loved learning all the science involved in the macros, calories, and exercise in general.  But what I really love was the one on one discussion of my personal journey and goals.  One thing that was really impactful was learning that I needed to discover that "why" if I wanted my fitness journey to be successful. This was an amazing retreat, I left with a new found knowledge and mental drive."

"This weekend has helped me learn so much and helped me really move forward. I'm tracking my meals and working on getting that balance. You guys have all been a great encouragement to me."

"The fitness retreat was an amazing event. The psychological reprieve that itallowed me was beyond reproach! Wow…wow…wow…."