The real-time, real-world, real woman’s physical, mental and spiritual (PMS) journey to finding true health, wellness, freedom and empowerment.

In this special documentary podcast series, follow a real client live as they start down their path to true health and fitness.  During each episode, hear live client check-ins as well as coach’s feedback. Experience what coaching with us is like as we spend six months following our client Tiffany on her real-life journey.

As middle age comes into focus after her 40th birthday, Tiffany realizes that her health is no joke and it’s time to get serious about her physical and mental wellbeing. At a starting weight of 238 pounds on a 5’ 5” frame, Tiffany works with Brandi, a health and fitness coach, to get down to the bottom of almost three decades worth of damaging behavior. It’s time to put a permanent stop to her lifelong rollercoaster of binge eating, yo-yo dieting, on again, off again, and often extreme exercising. It’s no longer about fitting into a certain size or looking good in a bikini, it’s do or die as she faces serious health consequences from years of destructive mental and physical behavior. Buckle in! This is the raw and real experience of a woman choosing the hard fight against her demons and finally be able to truly live her best life.

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Blogs, check-ins, and more on the fiTfany website.

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Special eight-part series documenting Tiffany's live monthly check-ins with coach Brandi.