Brandi Adams

Prep JumpStart | Lifestyle | Business Manager

Brandi started her fitness journey many years ago while serving her country in the military.  During her years in both military and government service she learned the self-discipline, selflessness and fortitude needed to compete as a multi-sport athlete and to coach others in their pursuits. Since then she has trained, coached and competed in various areas of the athletic world, to include figure/fitness, endurance running and equestrian sports.

As a certified personal trainer she has worked with clients of all backgrounds and fitness levels.  She has specialized in those interested in multi-sport performance, preparation to begin a competition cycle and those needing whole of athlete coaching. Helping to design programs to enable people to reach their specific goals is a key tenant of her coaching style.

As a wife, mother of small children and multi-sport competitor herself, Brandi believes strongly that lifestyle balance, setting personal goals and planning are the keys to success. Whether it is marathon training, body building or international level equestrian pursuits (and everything in between) she believes in one simple rule - OWN YOUR GOAL!  Be passionate, committed, truthful to yourself and healthy in all that you do and the rest will come easy!