Exit Stage Left - Post Competition Recovery Coaching

Introductory price: $175 p/mth if coaching initiated prior to Dec. 31st, 2021. Price increases to $225 p/mth beginning Jan. 1st, 2022.

Post Competition Recovery and Body Empowerment to Reclaim Your Empowered Fit Woman Warrior Life.

The stage lights have dimmed, the tan has faded, and your suit is carefully stored away. The post-show food hangover lingers, your carefully sculpted physique softens, and the negative thoughts and post-show blues have taken residence in your mind. Now what?

Where do you go from here? The journey to the stage that made you feel invincible has become your nemesis. The gym is daunting and food is scary. You don’t recognize the face or body staring back at you in the mirror. These are issues that many competitors find themselves struggling through once the competition is over. We want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you don't have to continue to suffer.

Whether you are a first-time competitor, seasoned athlete, or never plan to step foot on stage again; if you see yourself in any of the below, our post-competition recovery and empowerment coaching may be for you:

  • Inability to maintain or develop consistent, healthy eating habits to include but not limited to disordered eating, excessive food focus, binge and/or restrict cycles, fear of food, uncontrolled eating, all or nothing/good vs. bad food complex
  • Body dysmorphia or distorted body image
  • Lack of clear goals or analysis paralysis for “what’s next”
  • Self-loathing and negative thought patterns
  • Lack of motivation in the gym or any fitness endeavor
  • Poor sleep, low energy, digestion, and/or stress management issues

Center Stage Athletics experienced, and empathetic coaches have guided hundreds of competitors of all athletic and competition backgrounds through the post-competition phase; helping them reclaim their lives and find a new fit, happy and healthy mindset.We’ve been there so we understand what it takes to find your way back. Whether you just stepped off stage, or you haven’t seen the stage in years and maybe never want too again we will meet you where you are and help guide you to a well balanced, fit and healthy mind and body. If you find yourself struggling or are unable to return to place of wellness and balance, we’re here to help you find the empowered fit woman warrior you deserve to be.

Our post-competition recovery and empowerment coaching program is designed to help you reclaim your pre-competition life or maybe even find the fit and healthy balance you never had.

What's included.

  • Holistic, hands on, intensive and supportive coaching
  • Body empowerment and mindset skills coaching
  • Goal setting
  • Personalized nutrition and training guidance
  • Mind-body strategies
  • Accountability team
  • Weekly check-ins via online check in/email; in-person or video chat check ins can be purchased separately
  • Unlimited access to coach via email for questions
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Priority access to seminars, classes and events throughout the year ​

Ready to reclaim your life?

Click an image to hear real client post competition empowerment stories in their own words on the Coaching & Cocktails podcast.