Ready to begin your journey with Center Stage Athletics (CSA) & Team CSFP? We take what we do very seriously and only want to work with those who are as equally dedicated to making positive changes in their lives as we are to helping you get there. Our promise to every client we work with is to meet you where you are, and then provide you with the tools and guidance to help you become the best version of yourself. Whether you are interested in physique competition or general health and fitness, our promise remains the same. If you are committed to reaching your goals, we'd love to hear from you!

The purpose of this assessment is to serve as the first step for those considering working with CSA and Team CSFP in ANY capacity, accept posing, including: general health/fitness, life athlete, jumpstart or competition prep. Completing this application in no way obligates or commits you to participate in our program. It is imperative that all potential clients understand that CSA & Team CSFP does not provide quick fix or rapid weight loss programs for short-term goals; including general weight loss or physique competition. Our goal is to provide clients with a sustainable, healthy, and moderately paced program that will not only help them reach their goals, but also ensure that they have the foundation, tools and knowledge necessary to sustain their new lifestyle.

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT PHOTOS ARE REQUIRED WITH YOUR SUBMISSION BELOW. Along with this form, all applicants are required to submit FULL BODY photos. Photos should be taken in good lighting and should NOT be selfies. Photos should be taken from the front, side and rear. Photos should be taken with the applicant wearing shorts and sports bra or bathing suit to allow CSA coaches to accurately assess the applicant's physique. Photos should be attached at the end of this form.