Client Highlight – Shelby R

Spring 2020

Shelby came to us in the Spring of 2019 as one of the youngest clients we have worked with, at the time just starting her college career. Despite her age, she had the insight to know that she wanted to set fitness goals and make some lifestyle changes. Her physical progress has been amazing but watching her confidence and perspective on life blossom has been extraordinary.

In Shelby's own words:
“About 4 years ago I weighed ~200 lbs and wanted to do something about it. So I dropped my calories super low (because that’s you’re supposed to do, right?) down to about 1200 calories and lost about 60 pounds. These low calories created super restrictive habits and a bad relationship with food.
Despite all of my work, a little over a year ago I just noticed no progress was happening and that’s when I decided to look into a coach. I understood that I had no idea what I was doing as far as counting calories/macros or exercising and to make further progress I needed help.
It’s something I had been thinking about for a long time, and I finally decided to pull the trigger and reached out to Center Stage. I was a bit nervous at first and didn’t know if I would cut it as an athlete. However, I took it one week at a time, focused on my program, stayed accountable to myself and in contact with my coach…and looking back…it has been life changing.


Intake (left) - After 6 mths of coaching (right)

Not only do I look better than I ever thought was possible, but I am also impressing myself with my own fitness level. Each week I improve, I am faster and stronger and maintaining a fitness level I could have only dreamed of before. I have also totally change my relationship with food….which was such a struggle before. Now food is fuel, and I WANT to fuel my body properly…it is now easy.
Now as I transition it actual contest prep for Spring 2021 I am confident, strong and the person I always wanted to be. This has been a physical and emotional journey…and I can’t wait to see where it leads!”
As a coach, Shelby is the epitome of what we want most for every client. The work she is doing now will make her life better for many years. She had a choice, and she chose to make a change, even when it sounded hard. Just because something is easy, doesn’t mean it is right! We are so proud of you Shelby and can’t wait to take you to the stage!